Social Networking for Business

September 4, 2009
By admin

Most business users utilize social networking tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Many are doing this on company time and much of the networking is being done for business purposes.

Is this a problem? Yes and no. The idea that people interact with peers, potential job candidates, customers, competitors without going through the official company channels can be a marketing and messaging nightmare. On the other hand, the same interaction used to occur over the phone, so today’s networking is actually more efficient. Information sharing has reached new heights.

Can the same sort of collaboration which naturally occurs through the web be harnessed to improve business productivity? Of course!  The integration of web 2.0 and wiki technologies with key business applications provides controlled business networking

For example, assume several people in are responsible for entering customer invoices into an accounting and ERP system such as Acumatica. Users may have a question about what information to enter into a field. By clicking the help button, users can read standard directions – but more importantly since it’s wiki-based, users with permissions can update the directions for company specific policies. This turns static, marginally useful help files into dynamic, collaborative tools which adapt to business needs.

Business wikis, such as the one included in Acumatica, include versioning, auditing, workflow, and access security so companies maintain control.  These controls can

The result is cost savings and improved productivity.  Everybody benefits when expense reporting policies, order entry procedures, timesheet procedures, and common company processes are updated in real-time by the subject matter expert.

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