Moving Accounting and ERP Between Clouds

October 16, 2009
By djohnson

The Goal:

Saving money is a key component of cloud computing.

Cloud computing can be implemented internally or externally. As mentioned in several articles, cloud computing can benefit businesses through rapid scaling, paying for only the services that you use, reducing hardware purchases, and dynamically allocating computing loads.

Running applications on a cloud computing service can save you money – but your needs change over time.  As mentioned by Dennis Quan (Director of Business Development, IBM Software Group) in ITBusinessEdge, it’s critical that you manage and control your applications and deployment so you can balance loads and move them between internal and external clouds.

The Lessons:

Enterprises need to be careful not to purchase applications from a vendor which offers only an external cloud locks. This locks you into a single architecture and prevents you from reaping the benefits of managing your applications across both internal and external networks.  In this scenario, the external-cloud-only vendor saves money, but they are not likely to pass all the savings on to you. Also, if you try to “scale down” your application, you may not be allowed to do it until your 1 year contract is over.

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