ERP Implementation with VAR Support

January 7, 2010
By manchester

Talk of SaaS and cloud computing is leading some to say that VARs are going the way of the dinosaur. While this might be true for VARs that make a living installing software, those with expertise in ERP and accounting have skills and expertise which is needed.

An ERP Installation Example

Earlier this week, I participated as an observer during an ERP installation. The conversation between the value added reseller (VAR) and the customer was very typical. The discussion included topics such as why a 13th accounting period is important, the benefits of implementing accounts receivable versus manually using the general ledger, how and when to setup sub-account codes, how taxes need to be implemented, how to customize reports … and on-and-on for a few hours. The VAR also showed the client how to perform these processes using the software.

This installation was very typical, so why am I writing about it? Answer: This was a SaaS ERP implementation on a cloud platform. Note that the conversation didn’t change because the implementation was SaaS, and although the software installation was very different (it was done on Microsoft Azure), the business conversation was identical to an on-premise deployment.

In the case of ERP, the business discussion is much more meaningful and important than the deployment conversation.

More Evidence

Articles from Bob Scott’s Insights cover various aspects of the mid-sized ERP and accounting market. By just reviewing the titles of recent posts, it’s apparent that partner programs are not going away.

  • AccountMate signs VARs: “AccountMate doesn’t sign a lot of new resellers and CEO David Dierke says that’s one of the hazards of being a source-code software company. But it enlisted 10 new dealers this year and that’s double the amount for 2008.”
  • Intacct Growing Channel Program: “Intacct, which markets Web-based financial software, is beefing up its channel program.”
  • SaaS is the Future, But: “Acumatica continues to recruit VARs with the idea that SaaS remains the way of future.”

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