Public Cloud (and) (or) Private Cloud

April 15, 2010
By djohnson

A recent article in the Financial Times, Private cloud reporting for duty, by Aydin Kurt-Elli makes several interesting points regarding cloud computing.

  • (A) Scalability and costs favor public clouds – or at least application outsourcing
  • (B) Compliance laws mean that companies are hesitant to adopt public clouds
  • (C) Private clouds address issues of A while providing the benefits of B

The article continues and makes several other good points about access from anywhere improving efficiency while reducing costs and overhead.

No one size fits all

Perhaps the best reference is to the fact that no one-size fits all when it comes to deploying applications – public clouds will work for some, private clouds for others.

Conjunctions are interchangeable

Software today is being developed so that instead of public OR private, your application can be public AND private. Data can reside in different places than your application, or you can switch where your application runs. Modern software applications (Acumatica for example), advertise that users can switch between a private cloud deployment and a public cloud as their business changes. This means that you can start out on a public cloud while capital and resources are scarce and switch to a private cloud if required by regulations.

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