ERP as a Service

May 10, 2010
By admin

For the last several years we have seen the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) as a viable, and sometimes preferred, delivery and acquisition model for enterprise software. Examples like, Google Apps, Taleo, and Workday show how SaaS can be an advantageous model for some software categories while other categories such as ERP have seen a slower adoption rate.

ERP software delivered as a service is still a very small percentage of the overall market. Why is that? Regardless of the reasons one thing is clear: most customers are thinking about ERP as a service, but delaying the purchase decision.

There are pros and cons for acquiring your ERP on-premise or as a service. In the end the decision needs to be based on specific needs. Given how frequently business needs change, the need for a flexible model that allows customers to shift between SaaS and on-premise models becomes extremely relevant –Software at Your Service.

Here we examine the benefits and challenges of both SaaS and on-premise delivery models for ERP applications and demystify the alleged tension between them.


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