ISVs can use the Cloud to reach businesses needing Web-based and SaaS solutions

September 17, 2010
By Acumatica

In a recent online survey conducted by Acumatica, 40% of the IT and business professionals who responded stated that they are considering moving their business applications to the cloud. In helping mid-sized businesses to make this jump, software vendors such as Acumatica are working more closely with their ISV and VAR partners to develop and deliver fully functional, on-demand ERP capabilities in a streamlined way. These integrations make available to companies, a host of applications ranging from financial forecasting and budgeting, tax calculation and filing, sales and invoicing, and EDI for distribution and shipping. Further, businesses can effectively utilize the cloud to manage their operations more efficiently without being locked-in to a single SaaS vendor.

Cloud Application Poll

Cloud Application Poll

Acumatica’s latest ISV partnerships with Adaptive Planning, Avalara, Pacejet and SIPD, among others underscore the opportunity to reach a global audience of companies seeking web-based and SaaS business solutions. While ERP vendors can provide basic functionality for processes like shipping, tax and budgeting, many mid-sized businesses need best-of-breed applications that are integrated with their financials. ISVs can leverage development tools like Acumatica’s to move their applications to the cloud and deliver SaaS solutions which integrate with Acumatica’s advanced financial applications.

Industry Analyst Laurie McCabe of the SMB Group reinforces the importance of vendors collaborating and integrating their SaaS solutions on the cloud. She points out that today’s SaaS platforms simplify integration by providing centralized management control and web-based interfaces that can help save customers money and avoid complexity.

Cloud Software Poll Results

The market is currently split on the need to adopt cloud technologies. Independent software vendors need to create applications that can run BOTH in the cloud and on-premise. Most importantly, vendors need to ensure that customers can switch between deployments without the hassle of doing a full system migration.

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  1. Avalara Avatax on September 17, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    The beauty of the cloud is that it is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Most businesses have at least some assets or processes they should keep on their own servers, but others make sense to deploy to the cloud. Avalara has been providing cloud-based sales tax calculations since 2004, with great results for our happy customers. Thank you for highlighting this trend.

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