Getting down to business…with Cloud ERP software

November 5, 2010
By grippen
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There has always been a struggle within companies of all sizes over lowering costs enough to boost their profitability, yet not enough where the reduction in cost negatively affects the service they provide to their customers.  This is a quandary that all businesses have faced for years and subsequently they have spent years trying to find the perfect balance within their organizations.  Executing on this delicate task has led many businesses to take advantage of ERP applications that can lower their costs, yet increase their employee productivity, strengthen resource efficiencies and enhance their customer service.

Obviously, the challenge for each organization is to pick the best tools to support their business needs. This choice includes not only the fine details of the applications, but also the technology infrastructure and delivery model that supports the business.  Today, it is no surprise that SaaS and cloud services are moving up in lists and becoming the clear choice for many businesses to confront the challenges they face.   In a survey conducted by InformationWeek in 2009, a trend became evident that smaller companies are not only discovering the benefits of using cloud ERPs, but they also look at cloud computing as a strategic means of delivering these applications to their companies. For larger business the trend is to use cloud services more tactically, full-filling niches where it makes sense for the businesses.  For whatever the case for moving toward an on-demand model, its reasons are the same, to not only lower the cost of doing business, but also to make for a more manageable and responsive IT area.

As companies continue to discover SaaS and cloud services as their best delivery model, they will also find very capable Cloud ERP applications to help them find their perfect balance between lowering costs, while not affecting the service level they provide to their customers.

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