ERP Software Predictions – 2011

December 30, 2010
By djohnson

Cloud ERP Predictions 2011ERP Cloud News has filtered through many 2011 predictions and delivered our summary of what the experts are saying. Here are links to the top predictions (found elsewhere on the net) along with our commentary.

Selected Cloud and ERP Predictions – 2011

Panorama Consulting published its Top Ten ERP Software Predictions for 2011. On November 15, 2010 Eric Kimberling made his ERP predictions. Coming in at #7 was “heavy adoption of SaaS models by small and mid-sized businesses” and #8 was “continued buzz around cloud computing.”

Forrester Research, James Staten posted his Cloud Predictions for 2011 on November 15, 2010. This blog post shows that predicting that the Cloud will occur is no longer good enough. Now you must predict what happens with the Cloud.

Forbes reported Nucleus Research’s list of “2011 Predictions for Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and More” on November 16, 2010. After a discussion of big companies, predictions #7 and #9 focus on the Cloud.

CIO Magazine, November 30, 2010, 11 Hot ERP Topics for 2011. Thomas Wailgum gets to Cloud and SaaS quickly – they are mentioned in his first two comments. (1) More companies realize that there are many viable alternatives to traditional ERP software. (2) Clouds co-exist with traditional deployments.

SMB Group, December 7, 2010, SMB Group Top Ten 2011 SMB Technology Predictions. Laurie McCabe let’s the Cloud dominate predictions #4, #5, and #9. In prediction #4, “the shift to Cloud computing and SaaS becomes irreversible.”

Computer World, December 21, 2010, Top ERP predictions for 2011. Topping the list created by Chris Kanaracus, is “ERP gets serious in the cloud.” Chris predicts that “the real action will be with vendors that have built or re-engineered their products to take full advantage of cloud computing.”

ERP Cloud News Prediction Summary

Like Christmas gifts in stores, predictions seem to arrive earlier each year.

In last year’s ERP predictions, everybody’s top insights involved the Cloud. Now the Cloud is upon us. Predicting the Cloud is 2011 is like predicting that the sun will rise tomorrow, so the discussion of Cloud has moved to a new stage of detail regarding implementation and growth. It is no longer enough for the sages to predict the cloud … now the predictions center around specific areas, market segments, and issues.

To everybody who predicted the growth of Cloud and SaaS in 2010 … congratulations … you were right!

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