The View of the Clouds from My Humble Perch

February 16, 2011
By grippen

It appears everyone in the marketplace is taking notice of Cloud ERP. And, I am not saying this because of what I hear from the various writers, analyst and research groups who write about the growing trend of Cloud computing and SaaS, but from what I see in my everyday job, doing what I do as a marketing person for my company.

The Cloud through the eye of a marketer

I talk to magazine publishers who want their magazines and websites to be THE source for Cloud stories to their readership. I meet with well-known industry influencers and consultants who are eager to find out more about Cloud computing, so that they can not only talk more intelligently about it, but so they can also be part of this incredible movement. I have had conference calls with companies that produce webcasts only to find these companies are eager to produce webcasts that educate the marketplace on Cloud computing. Recently, I have also been asked by several national wholesale distribution magazines to write about Cloud computing and SaaS, in order to give their readers a better understanding of what it is and how it can be a viable system for their businesses (Acumatica currently has articles in Industrial Supply Magazine and in the coming March edition of The Electrical Distributor Magazine). I have even talked to non-technical people at social gatherings who bring up Cloud computing, wondering what it is, or if they are small business, how it could help them as well. It is also exciting to me to see more and more companies coming to my company with the openness to look at Cloud computing and SaaS as a viable option to the way they run their businesses. And these are from companies who got where they are using traditional on-premise hardware and software in the past.

The Cloud is known and awareness is growing

Yes, I think the marketplace is taking notice of Cloud ERP. And from my humble perch it appears that Cloud computing and SaaS is definitely getting into the minds of everyday people and businesses of all sizes. And, as several of the major industry companies such as Microsoft and IBM continue to run national ads in prime time talking about “going to the cloud”, Cloud computing and SaaS will continue its rise in visibility and become more and more a mainstream platform for both individuals and companies to accomplish what they would like to do. These are definitely exciting times for this technology and from where I sit, it is fun to watch all that is going in the marketplace regarding Cloud computing and SaaS.

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