A Better Idea for QuickBooks Accounting Software Graduates

January 19, 2012
By Acumatica

In a recent marketing announcement, Intuit® recommended Intacct® for users outgrowing QuickBooks. We have a better alternative for QuickBooks® users – Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Why Acumatica is ideal for QuickBooks upgraders

Acumatica provides an ERP and accounting solution that can meet your current needs and allows you to continue to grow without upgrading to another system or bringing in several third party applications.

Integrate your sales and accounting processes

Many customers upgrade from QuickBooks to eliminate the hassle of entering the same data intro their sales and accounting solutions. Intacct doesn’t always solve this problem. Using Intacct, you will have to purchase another CRM solution which could be expensive and worry about the integration. Acumatica includes both accounting and CRM in one pre-integrated package.

Involve everybody without excessive fees

QuickBooks limits your ability to involve your entire organization and external partners in process improvement. Acumatica overcomes this limitation by providing robust access controls so people see only the information they need to do their job. Salespeople, accountants, warehouse workers, customers, partners, owners, and others can collaborate to streamline business processes. Acumatica is priced for unlimited users, so you can easily add more people without counting users licenses.

Intacct charges a per-user fee, so as you continue to grow, you continue to pay more. Worse yet, you have to decide whether or not to pay a license for people who want to access the system infrequently.

Get inventory under control

Many growing businesses leave QuickBooks for the need to properly account for inventory without manual intervention. Acumatica delivers more robust inventory management, purchasing, ecommerce, sales orders, and other distribution features that are automatically linked to financial reports and inquiry screens. This gives you real-time reports with inventory levels, inventory valuation, and more.

Integrate with other systems

QuickBooks is not designed to integrate with third party systems. One of the key things to look for when you upgrade is a robust set of development tools. Acumatica modules were all built using a software development kit that you get when you purchase the software. This means that you can continue to adapt Acumatica as your needs change. Unlike Intacct, Acumatica offers both single tenant and multi-tenant options. This flexibility ensure that you can freely make changes to your solution. Your changes are maintained separately from the core application code, so you can continue to receive upgrades that do not break your customizations.

Control your future

Intacct commits you to ongoing operational expenditures … forever! Acumatica provides deployment and licensing options and allows you to switch as your need change. With Acumatica, if you want to add a users, you can do it yourself without the hassle of getting another license. In addition, Acumatica allows you to schedule upgrades at a time that is convenient to you.


Acumatica is a superior upgrade option for users outgrowing QuickBooks because:
QuickBooks upgrade options

  • You only need to upgrade once – Acumatica provides for your current needs and allows you to continue to grow without switching systems or integrating third party applications. With Intacct you may need to upgrade again to get more advanced functionality.
  • No lock-in – Acumatica provides you with deployment and licensing options so you are not locked-in to a system that charges you to add users as you continue to grow. You know exactly where your data is located and can get your data in any format you like. You can even copy your entire SQL database.
  • Customize as needed – Acumatica provides the leading customization tools among cloud ERP providers. This gives you all the benefits of cloud plus the ability to change business logic, import and export data, and build real-time interfaces with internal systems.

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