Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for ERP Software

January 3, 2012
By djohnson

2012 ERP software resolutions2012 is here and it’s time to think about what we want to improve. In our personal lives we pledge to lose weight, save money, spend time with family, and become better people. Several popular resolutions for individuals are listed in the links below:
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Resolutions Applied to Business Software

The most popular personal resolutions from the sites above can also be applied to business software. In this article we describe the tools available to help you achieve your business resolutions.
lose weight or software

1. Lose Weight, Trim Down

The #1 personal resolution is very applicable to business software. Many ERP deployments suffer from code patches, bulky client software, and customizations that lock businesses in to old technology. Just like personal weight issues, software bloat can cause issues that develop over time. Your business becomes less responsive. Changes to business processes become more difficult. Maintenance of your software becomes more expensive and provides fewer and fewer benefits.

Following through on your resolution

Deploy web-based software to eliminate client software installations and reduce the complexity of maintaining applications on Windows, Linux, handheld devices. Just like losing weight, purchasing a new ERP system is a process that requires a plan and execution. But, the longer you put it off, the more difficult it is to accomplish.

Save Money

2. Save Money, Stick to a Budget

Another common personal goal is to save money and adhere to a budget. Sticking with a budget is perhaps even more difficult in a business environment because there are many more uncertainties and unknowns. This is especially true if you are using antiquated software that cannot adapt to new business opportunities, split out costs by department/product, or integrate with other systems.

Following through on your resolution

Cloud and web-based accounting software delivers key advantages that will help your financial processes. First, the Cloud delivers real-time data and reports to your home office, remote offices, and business partners. Second, the Cloud is easy to deploy to all people in your organization. By involving everyone, you ensure that processes are not left out and get a clear picture of revenue and expenses throughout your organization. Finally, if you are still using QuickBooks and you suffer from multi-currency issues, lack of a complete audit trail, lack of integration with other systems, or lack of a centralized view of your business, then consider upgrading a more advanced solution in 2012.

Better Job via ERP

3. Get a Better Job

Many individuals pledge to get a better job in the new year. For businesses, outdated software can be a major source of job dissatisfaction. Old software increases complexity and creates manual work for employees. The net result is longer hours, mistakes, blame, and less productivity.

Following through on your resolution

Upgrading to a modern Cloud ERP package can improve your job and your work environment without the hassle of finding a new place to work. Imagine performing your most tedious daily task with a point and click/press from anywhere you happen to be. Tracking sales leads, managing inventory, merging online/offline sales orders, creating accurate financial reports, and getting purchase orders approved are all examples of processes that can go from misery to automation with the right ERP software.

Family and friends resolution

4. Enjoy More Time with Family and Friends

Spending more quality time with family and friends is one personal resolution that is a bit tricky to translate to business. Not many people will pledge to spend more quality time with business associates. However, improving your business life can help you achieve your personal goals.

Following through on your resolution

Installing a cloud solution that provides access from anywhere will help you be productive, even when you are not in the office. Approve an expense report, confirm arrival of a shipment, note a conversation with a sales prospect, and perform other business tasks. Of course, working on your mobile devices while you are ‘spending quality time with family’ should be done at your own risk.

Organize your ERP data

5. Get Organized

In your personal life getting organized involves arranging personal items, cleaning up trash, and getting on top of your to-do list. In business, many of these same tasks apply. Automate your to-do list. Clean up dead inventory, old data, and unimportant tasks. In your personal life, the main obstacle is time and motivation. In business, an old ERP system is often the biggest obstacle to achieving organization. Old ERP software prevents rapid exchange of data, simplified auditing, and process automation.

Following through on your resolution

Take a couple days to define all of your business processes. Then determine essential processes, important processes, and nice-to-have processes. Next, contact your business partner or software vendor and schedule a meeting to discuss process improvement. Determine which essential tasks are being impacted by corrupted data and determine essential and important processes that would benefit from automation. Your business partner or software vendor should be able to give immediate feedback on the viability and ballpark costs associated with automating business operations.


The New Year should be a time to set business resolutions in addition to personal goals. Making a pledge to get the software you need to run your business better will improve your business. This is especially true if you are running a system that is 5+ years old. Then, once you get your business running better, you will have more time and more money to work on those personal resolutions you’ve been making.

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