How Cloud Computing Improves Productivity

January 16, 2013
By guest blogger - Matt Smith

Productivity is valued in every workplace, but there are differing schools of thought as to how best to achieve it. Some businesses prefer a lot of structure and accountability, while others advocate a more flexible and permissive environment, giving employees more freedom and latitude.

One of the ways productivity has been increased of late is via the development of cloud computing. It cannot be denied that cloud computing is having a tremendous positive effect upon integrating technology and making life easier overall. This is also true in the workplace, and more and more businesses are reaping its benefits.

In the past, traditional IT has managed inter-office communications, information logging, file sharing, data storage, and team and collaborative efforts. All of this used to require a more hands-on and managed approach. However, many of these functions are now being handled remotely by the cloud, which in itself is a boost to efficiency in the workplace.

Here are three additional ways the cloud is impacting business productivity:

1. Support of Existing as Well as Emerging Technologies
The evolving technology that drives the cloud allows it to make use of any current application or software type. Apps and updates can be packaged with other processes and programs, then easily copied and duplicated. With traditional IT, packaged processes were not easily transferred among users; this had the effect of slowing down productivity and creating more work for the IT department. Through cloud computing, software solutions are adaptable and new technologies can be deployed almost instantaneously as they emerge. Additionally, there are already a vast number of existing cloud-based services available to make all office operations run more smoothly, from the basic infrastructure to more complex functions.

2. The Cloud Offers Flexibility and Scalability
With the time and energy freed up by a cloud solution, employees will have more latitude to be more creative as well as more productive. Instead of having to contact and coordinate with IT personnel to gain access to the types of software and services needed, there is immediate access to these services via the cloud. Changing or upgrading to the desired services is often just a phone call or a mouse click away. Whether a business needs to scale up or scale back, since the cloud is subscription-based, this can all be done in a very nimble and efficient way as business needs and goals change over time.

3. Improved Inter-Office Communication and Access
One of the most undeniable ways that the cloud improves productivity is through a more integrated and connected staff than ever before. The cloud allows for instant and comprehensive collaboration among your employees and teams designated to specific projects. The cloud allows users to stay in sync in real time, with all members of a team having access to the most current and most recently updated versions.

Whether it’s a project, document or file, everyone is always on the same page. Team members do not even have to share the same office space; using cloud technology, users can be scattered around the globe and still collaborate effectively. Also, staff members are no longer bound by regular office hours; they can put in time around the clock with full access to the same resources that available during regular business hours.

Although the switch to the cloud may result in some initial shifting of your IT staff, the short and long term benefits are undeniable. The cloud offers seamless automation and integration of services it used to take many staff members to handle. These resources are now free to be devoted to other matters, including creative solutions and growing your business.

To say that cloud computing increases productivity would indeed be an understatement. Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way we work and live, resulting in a seamless integration of resources from work to home. With inter-office activities streamlined, productivity skyrockets. Simply put, the cloud is just good business.

Author Bio
Matt Smith is a Dell employee who writes to help raise awareness on the topic of Cloud Computing and other network management subjects.

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