Enterprise Benefits of Adopting SaaS

March 13, 2013
By guest blogger - Charles Smith

SaaS is when software are made available through web and hosted on a cloud space. Today an entire suite of enterprise web-application is available on cloud offering an agile, unified and collaborative platform to corporate. Accessing software through web has helped companies in reducing expenses on managing hardware, networking and in-house IT department. In this article we have summarized the major benefits of adopting SaaS in enterprise environment.

Cost Benefits
One of the major reasons for companies to adapt to SaaS is to lower costs of buying licensed software or developing applications in-house. It involves lower initial as well as long term costs. Unlike legacy software, SaaS is normally offered on monthly subscription basis. The charges are applied towards upgrades, maintenance and customer services offered by Saas development companies.

Easy Deployment
SaaS applications are available on web browsers and therefore, you can avoid the lengthy process of installation and integration as common with licensed software. Moreover, there is no requirement for additional hardware or networking infrastructure. You can start using the new software almost immediately.

Zero Maintenance
With SaaS solutions, issues related to maintenance and upgrade are normally taken care of by the cloud based application development firm. As it does not involve hardware installation you are no longer required to worry about hardware and OS maintenance.

Since software is hosted on cloud it can be accessed on any internet enabled device, such as – mobile, laptops, tablets etc., and from anywhere. Since SaaS software isn’t attached to desktop systems it helps in improving efficiency.

Regular Upgrades
Cloud based software development firms constantly update and upgrade services independent of user compliance. As a result, you can always be assured of receiving most updated version of the application.

SaaS services offer access to better security than local datacenter can probably offer. This ensures your access to better security tools without affecting your current IT budget. Data security comes as a part of vendor SLA for SaaS services.

Better Service
The SaaS provider promises of rendering better performance for the applications. He will guarantee that services are available to you on real-time basis with minimum loss in production time. Terms and conditions related to outage and compensation if a situation arises will be mentioned in the SaaS provider’s agreement.

Backups and Disaster Management
With traditional software you either have to take data backup manually or have to have a complex automation system installed for regular backups. But with SaaS, data is automatically updated and stored on daily basis. Further the service provider divides your data among several data centers to offer a quick and resilient disaster recovery management solution at the time of crisis.

Better Adoption
Employees find it more convenient to use SaaS software. These are ready-to-use, simple software applications that can be used right after buying. Therefore, there is no learning curve in it and moreover, the organization can save costs on conducting training sessions for workers.

Author Bio

Charles Smith is associated with the IT industry for over a decade now. He is a senior consultant with a California based company that offers cloud computing consultation to companies across industries. Charles has vast experience in implementing cloud computing projects and offering consultation to companies in mapping their ways in cloud environment. He has worked long in designing cloud based application development.

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