How Customers Are Enriching Your CRM

CRM is an essential business tool – this much has been realized by enterprises irrespective of their sizes. But, are they really making most of the CRM solution that they have implemented into their organization? Is it really helping you built relationships with your client that you have strived for?

Customer management systems essentially collect data on your customers. The information gathered is then fed to the sales, marketing and customer service department in order to achieve higher sales and customer retention rate. But all these efforts aren’t visible to your customer. You may be aware that your CRM system must be gathering information to allow you to offer better services. But, is it really evaluating a customer’s true value to the organization?

In order to achieve higher customer orientation you however have to look at your CRM system from the view point of a customer. You’d need to consider the information in the new light of improving customer retention and instilling brand loyalty.

CRM tools glean data on your customers. It then depends on you to implement the insight in improving your association with your customers. The advantage that customer relationship management software offers is that it collects personalized information on your customer. This insight then can be applied to in building personalized relationship with customers.

Earlier customer retention and loyalty programs were designed without much forethought about how it will impact the customer. But today a business can design a more customer driven loyalty or reward program that will create an impact upon the customer and will attach him with the brand for longer time.

The information collected by CRM can be applied to both B2B and B2C business environments in designing customer driven business model.

The crux is that customers through their conversations are pouring in valuable information to your CRM. If you delve deeper into the information gleaned through customer interactions you can find many useful pieces of information that will help you understand the actual requirements of an individual customer.

The need to garner as much information as possible to analyze customer requirements has made it essential to integrate big data to CRM solutions.

Converge Enterprise is designed to be a simple CRM solution for SMBs that can stretch beyond preliminary functionalities of CRM. It can help you log every step of your conversation, which you can extract at convenience, with your customer. It let you subscribe to the feeds so that you receive any update on your customers. Integration of social CRM also allows extracting information from social media updates to help you analyze customer requirements.

Author Bio: Paul Anderson is a CRM consultant based out in California. For over five years he has been offering CRM solution for SMBs. During this period he has observed what works and what doesn’t work for companies. He brings in his wealth of experience on CRM customization and solutions to his writings on blogs. He is an avid reader and enthusiast blogger and engaged with many online communities. He also loves outdoor sports and often goes fly fishing with fellow enthusiasts.

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3 Responses to “ How Customers Are Enriching Your CRM ”

  1. Brad Hodson on May 29, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    “In order to achieve higher customer orientation you however have to look at your CRM system from the view point of a customer.”

    I would argue that the true goal of any CRM software should be to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between buyer and seller. There should be a trusting, personal relationship that thrives between two individuals, but using a 3rd party tool to manage because of the sheer volume a business has.

    If a business only had 10 customers, I would never recommend CRM software because the business shouldn’t need it and should do the relationship building and maintaining on their own. However, with the volumes most businesses experience, needing an augmented platform to store and pull from is completely necessary.

  2. Paul Anderson on May 31, 2013 at 2:09 am

    Brad, thank you for your comment. However, I am not sure what was your disagreement. The content discusses about how Social and related customer data is growing and how it can help sales decision and may perhaps lead to sales predictability model. I do agree a highly functional CRM can be a overkill for Companies having 10 clients or less. I still believe since CRM is a lifestyle change for Sales team, it can only help than harm should Companies having 10 clients opt-in for a CRM solution.

    BTW, I did check out your CRM solution and it does look a good fit for General contractors and Project management.

  3. Mike Richardson on June 17, 2013 at 5:08 am

    This is a great article that really gets to the heart of what CRM systems are about – providing businesses with the information they need to build relationships with customers and drive sales. Customers are the biggest asset of any business, and implementing a CRM system that can harness all pertinent information for targeted customer communications is invaluable.In the age of ‘big data’, moreover, it’s crucial that your CRM platform can effectively utilise new avenues of customer data like social media, enabling you to forge meaningful relationships that are informed by customer feedback from many sources. The author raises a really important point, however, in stating that although a CRM collates customer information, it’s up to your team to use this data in a way that reflects the customer’s requirements.

    Mike Richardson, Managing Director, EMEA, Maximizer Software

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