The Impact of PRISM on the Cloud

July 11, 2013
By guest blogger - Stacy Carter

As the number of users of the cloud computing technology is growing, the potential threat on the integrity of this technology is currently a major issue. In a report published by the Washington Post, it appears that the US National Security Agency, in tandem with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will be tapping on the servers of the major cloud computing companies which apparently include Skype, Apple, Microsoft and Dropbox. Facebook and YouTube can possibly be among the target social media sites that will be included in the probe as well. While some of these companies allegedly never heard of the operation PRISM, which is what others referred to as the NSA spying program, the issues remain to be significant because of its impact on the integrity of Cloud technology.

Cloud Integrity and Security Issues with PRISM
The main security issue regarding the PRISM operation over the cloud is making vital data and information of companies and individuals who are using Cloud technology to be vulnerable to third party access. The idea that the US government will have the ability to monitor and snoop over the servers of cloud computing companies is unwelcomed by many companies, making this a deterrent cause in making cloud computing a viable option to use for many internet users.

On a different note, some IT professionals welcome the idea considering that PRISM is managed by the government in order to implement a security check and balance against abuse of use on the cloud computing technology. Certainly, some perceive the people behind PRISM as the “good guys” and their intervention with regards to monitoring cloud services will further strengthen the safety in its use. Moreover, the cloud computing service providers will likely be forced to hire only professional IT security employees in order to deliver better security services to their subscribers and to undertake more advanced measures against the penetration of third parties to their cloud servers. With the insight that the operation PRISM will be spying on other companies that offer the cloud services it will likely deter rogue employers from using cloud services for their unscrupulous activities.

Cloud Threat by PRISM
Cloud computing experts define several threats imposed upon by PRISM on cloud technology. While reports identified only nine companies that will be potentially affected by the security measure by the NSA, the idea that the number will expand to cover many other companies is not discounted. The moment that a company provides the NSA with a cloud control code that will allow them to survey, monitor or perhaps snoop on all the data of the cloud users, all encryption will be trespassed and cloud users are without any control in protecting their privacy.

The use of cloud computing system is more founded on trust but the integrity of the cloud technology may no longer be quite trustworthy in case PRISM will operate on the different cloud services. Because the PRISM authorities have access to all the cloud infrastructures, it is easier to penetrate through any cloud user data which has a significant impact on the issue about whether or not cloud computing remains to be a safe computing service among internet and cell phone spy users.

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