Top 5 Cloud ERP Vendors

September 29, 2013
By admin

Cloud ERP vendors are becoming increasingly more and more competitive as the “SaaS Wars” continue to expand across the world of Enterprise software. The Cloud is quickly becoming a dominant choice of deployment for ERP software and because of that, it has invited many newcomers to the industry.

As a result, the competition among Cloud ERP vendors has heated up over the past several years and it can be hard for buyers to separate, compare, and contrast all the different offerings. To make that process a little easier, here is our list of the Top 5 Cloud ERP vendors:

Operating System(s) Deployment Options Focus Sales Method White Paper Pricing
1. Acumatica
Mac OS
Cloud or
VAR Technology Evaluation Centers $2K + per month (See
Pricing Tool for custom price)
2. Netsuite
Mac OS
Cloud Services Direct, VAR Blytheco $2K + per month, plus user fees
3. Plex Systems
Windows Cloud Manufacturing Direct, VAR Nucleus Research $5K + per month
4. Ramco
Mac OS
Cloud or On-Premise Manufacturing
(Discrete and Process)
VAR Ramco Overview Contact Ramco for Pricing
5. Workday
Mac OS
Cloud Human Resources,
VAR Workday ERP Overview Contact Workday for Pricing


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